Entretien et réparation

Servicing and repair

  • Renault or other make vehicle with less than 200 000 km or under 15 years old
  • Labour hourly rate reduced to €42 tax incl.
  • Spare parts at cost price
  • Additional contribution from the manufacturer
  • Free replacement vehicle possible

Location longue durée

Long-term lease scheme with purchase option

  • Dacia Sandero or Renault Kangoo
  • Varying duration and mileage
  • Starting from €60/month tax. incl. with conversion subsidy
  • Starting from €95/month tax. incl. without conversion subsidy 

We no longer provide used cars under this programme, as the demand was mainly for low-cost vehicles in perfect condition, however these proved particularly difficult to find.

Also, we didn’t want to provide high-mileage, low-cost vehicles, as they very often ended up costing a lot in servicing. With this in mind, we’ve developed a special, accessible and financially beneficial offer for new vehicles under a long-term hire with option to purchase. These end up being more economical to run than old vehicles.

In what situations can someone benefit from these offers?

  • Registered with a job centre (Pôle emploi)
  • Temporary worker
  • Salaried worker on fixed-term contract (CDD) or permanent contract (CDI)
  • Person insured by the French agricultural social security (ressortissant agricole)
  • Micro-entrepreneur
  • In training
  • Other situation

These offers are available on condition of the recipient’s financial means.

When someone asks to take up one of the offers, they need to be backed by a partner adviser that can, if the need and eligibility are approved, direct them to the nearest Renault solidarity garage.

What is a partner adviser?

It’s an organisation from the social or job sector. It notably provides car transport solutions so that people can find or keep a job.


The main advisers
who are already Mobilize partners

What is a Renault solidarity garage?

It’s a garage from the Renault network that volunteers to help people get about once they’ve been sent to it by a partner adviser. It listens, advises and proposes solutions suitable for each situation. It invoices for its services at cost price, with no margin, based on a special scale established by the manufacturer.
Once the need for car transport has been identified and the eligibility confirmed, the partner adviser puts the applicant in touch with the nearest Renault solidarity garage.